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Ken & Tina Sweet
318 Maple Grove Rd
Madison, NH 03849
(603) 367-7020

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Tim Ciasulli aka Planetman

Hey Ken, Thank you for the great time! 300 miles in 2 days without one sled needing to be pulled out is a tribute to your great keep it on the edge just not over the edge attitude. Plus getting these guys to the alternate airport in Manchester was going above and beyond. Thanks again, you can count on us for next year. -Tim Ciasulli

Come ride with us

Love the snow covered wilderness?  The sights and sounds of the snowy trail?  Looking for adventure and whatever comes your way?

      Welcome to Sweet Ride Snowmobiles, we have a different approach to snowmobile tours. By only doing private tours it means that your ride will be for you and about you.  We will put together the type of tour the best suits your needs. If you are new to riding then we’ll take you to places that are good for learning to ride. If you have a lot of riding experience we will pick a ride that is more challenging. We check the current riding conditions daily and plan trips where we can expect to find the trails in good shape. Most of our sleds are 2014 Skidoos. Our prices include all clothing needs (helmets, jackets, pants, boots, and gloves), fuel and taxes. When possible we’ll pick you where you are staying. It’s our goal for your family or friends to have the kind of ride that you’ll remember for a long time and put us on your yearly to do list. So come have a Sweet Ride with us.

    We specialize in multi day tours. We have over night tours to Pittsburg NH or Rangeley ME if you have somewhere else you'd like to go we'll put that together too. If this is something you've ever thought about doing this let us make it happen for you.